Seed Oils & Processed Foods: How They're Harming You


Processed foods, processed sugars and seed oils have no place in the human diet.

Unlike my opinions on vegetables, this is not a controversial statement, and I hope you already knew that these bullshit foods have no place, l if you wish to thrive.

I believe carbohydrates to be a valuable addition to the human diet, but NOT when they are coming from processed foods and processed sugars. This includes things like bread, pasta, cereals, biscuits, rice cakes, popcorn, granola, etc. All these foods are basically bullshit. Not only because they are derived from plant seeds, which are full of defense chemicals, but also because they are highly processed, bereft of nutrients and promote metabolic damage.

By far the biggest villain in my opinion are seed oils, or oils derived from plant seeds AKA canola, sunflower, corn, soy, cotton, etc.

Also known as polyunsaturated fats or linoleic acid, these are not a species-appropriate source of fat for humans, yet we are consuming a ton of them. Yes, via processed foods and seed oils, but also from "healthy" nuts and seeds, and even chicken and pork (which store it in their fat and then pass it on to us).

Excess linoleic acid accumulates in the body and appears to “break” fat cells, causing them to release fat as they balloon and expand. These free fats induce insulin resistance in the peripheral muscles, causing inflammation and DNA damage.

Our ancestors consumed very little linoleic acid, and modern-day hunter gatherers (like the Hadza and Maasai) only consume 2-3% as part of their total calories. Meanwhile, many people are consuming up to 20% of their calories from this bullsh*t. 

I believe excess linoleic acid is the biggest driver of chronic disease, and my deep hope is that the world wakes up to this fact soon.

If you truly want to thrive, as is your birthright, then the MOST important lever to pull is to remove the excess linoleic acid from your diet.

Do it by eliminating processed foods and garbage, and avoid eating animals that are fed corn and soy (check your chicken and pork)...

Choose well-raised ruminant meat and organs, fruit, honey and raw dairy. The most species-appropriate fats for humans come in the form of saturated fats from well-raised animals. 

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