233. Stop feeding your kids Rice Krispies with Shawn Stevenson

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On today’s episode, Shawn Stevenson, author and health & fitness expert, joins Paul to discuss the current state of affairs of the American Health system and the American diet. They cover big food and government motives, whole foods vs. processed foods, and how to create a loving environment and family life to model healthy living for our youth.

Time Stamps:
*Unfortunately, due to some technical issues, Shawn’s camera stopped recording halfway through the episode.
00:06:10 Processed food statistics
00:14:30 Why it’s hard to make behavioral change
00:27:20 Big food companies and government motives
00:46:00 The problem with kids cereal boxes
00:58:00 Whole foods & vitamins vs. processed foods & synthetic vitamins
01:05:00 Where to find more of Shawn’s resources 

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