228. Cholesterol debate with Dr. Alo

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This week’s episode is a collaborative conversation between Dr. Paul and Dr. Mohammad Alo, board-certified cardiologist and Personal Trainer. They both offer their differing perspectives about lipids, LDL, cardiovascular disease, and seed oils.

Time Stamps:

00:00:00 Podcast begins
00:08:08 Dr. Alo’s thoughts on cardiovascular risk
00:15:18 Dr. Paul’s thoughts on cardiovascular risk & insulin resistance 
00:31:38 Metabolic health of Americans
00:37:53 LDL, APOEB & atherosclerosis 
00:43:53 How fasting insulin & insulin resistance relate to atherosclerosis
00:52:48 Arteries vs. veins & atherosclerosis
01:12:38 Genes vs. lifestyles & insulin resistance
01:19:23 Seed oils vs. saturated fat
01:41:38 The problems with “totality of evidence”
01:52:38 Concluding statements

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