225. Heal your gut with RAW MILK: a conversation with Mark McAfee from Raw Farm

raw milk, nutrition, gut health

In this week’s podcast, Paul sits with Mark McAfee on the largest raw dairy farm in the world, RAW Farm. They talk about about Mark’s process of raising and caring for cattle that produces clean, safe raw milk, the overall benefits of raw milk and colostrum in terms of gut health, and why we should “make milk RAW again!”
00:09:08 Beneficial bacteria in milk & kefir

Time Stamps:
00:11:13 The history of pasteurization in America
00:18:18 Benefits of breastfeeding (mammalian milk)
00:27:38 Germ theory & terrain theory
00:29:38 The role of raw milk & colostrum
00:36:38 The origins of RAW farm 
00:42:18 Comparing dairy farms production methods
00:45:08 Why isn’t raw milk legal everywhere?
00:48:53 The milk barn story
00:51:18 The process of making RAW cheese & the importance of bacteria
01:12:08 Benefits of butter and milk fat

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