224. The skincare industry hates this

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This week, Paul is reposting his debut on The Skinny Confidential Podcast. Lauren and Michael, the hosts of the show, ask Paul about animal-based eating for optimal health, beef tallow as skincare, questions about what kind of milk to consume, and why vegans may be more similar to animal-based eaters than we may think.

Time Stamps:

00:06:45 Animal-based during pregnancy
00:08:10 Informing vegans about eating animals
00:12:45 Paul’s background in root cause medicine
00:17:40 The “perfect poop”
00:20:35 Why to reincorporate meat into your diet
00:23:50 Ethics, environmentalism, and veganism
00:31:40 How a vegan may incorporate meat
00:35:20 What to look for when buying meat
00:40:20 Almond milk vs. raw milk
00:49:30 Phthalates & PFAs
00:55:00 Switching from carnivore to animal-based 
01:01:20 Weight loss with animal-based
01:06:00 A day in the life in Costa Rica
01:15:00 Seed oils vs. tallow
01:25:00 Protein intake

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