223. Oatmeal is NOT a health food

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Have you been led to believe that oatmeal is good for you? This podcast is for you! Paul does a deep dive on why you may want to cut oats (and chocolate, and leafy greens) out for good for reasons like heavy metal accumulation, antinutrients, and defense chemicals.

Time Stamps:
00:07:30 The problem with grains
00:11:45 Heavy metals in oats, greens, chocolate and fish
00:20:00 How saponins damage the gut
00:31:30 Cadmium and heavy metals in oats, vegetables and chocolate 
00:48:15 Phytic acid
00:49:20 Pesticides in your oats
00:50:50 Mold contamination in grains
00:53:00 Takeaways on oats

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