222. Are Snickers bars fruit? With Aaron Alexander

cholesterol, seed oils, fruit, sugar

Today’s episode features Paul on the Align podcast with Aaron Alexander.  They chat about a plethora of topics, beginning with cholesterol, touching on seed oils, testicular health, sweeteners, and endocrine disrupting chemicals along the way, and ending with a conversation about the importance of social and mental health.

Time Stamps:
00:07:45 Podcast begins
00:10:00 Clarifying the cholesterol conversation
00:29:45 Hadza diet & movement patterns
00:34:00 Seed oils lowering LDL & the Statin conversation
00:42:40 Testicular health & forever chemicals
00:51:50 Endocrine disrupting chemicals
01:08:20 The importance of social & mental health
01:20:50 Intuitive eating & meat substitutes
01:32:00 Thoughts on different kinds of sweeteners
01:44:30 Canola oil
01:47:45 Why do we fear the sun?
01:56:50 Thoughts on olive oil

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