221. How to optimize sleep

sleep, health, wellness, nutrition, circadian rhythm

Paul’s episode today is all about sleep. He touches on substances like caffeine, alcohol, and marijuana, how grounding may impact circadian rhythms,  and you’ll get an inside look at Paul’s morning and nighttime routine.

Time Stamps:
00:09:00 How we view sleep as a society
00:10:30 REM versus nonREM sleep
00:15:30 How much sleep is enough sleep?
00:19:50 Sleeping more = earning more?
21:50 Less sleep = less attractive?
00:25:35 Sleep for athletics and learning
00:27:40 How much/when to sleep
00:31:50 Paul’s sleep routine
00:46:45 Coffee, alcohol and marijuana’s effect on sleep
00:50:07 How to troubleshoot your sleep
00:52:00 Sleep supplements
00:54:40 Blue light’s effect on sleep
00:58:15 Grounding & sleep

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