220. Is plant-based dead? Paul Saladino MD on Radical Health Radio

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This week’s podcast features Paul as a guest on Radical Health Radio, the Heart and Soil podcast at the headquarters in Dripping Springs, Texas. Paul talks to the show host, Ste Lane, about vegan and plant based diets: the risks, benefits, and the popularity in a high-level way.

Time Stamps:
00:07:00 Podcast begins
00:12:12 Is plant-based popular?
00:17:40 The plant-based agenda
00:20:45 The ethics of eating animals
00:28:00 How veganism affects libido
00:34:15 The politics behind veganism
00:46:00 The problem with seed oils 
00:50:30 Which diet is best for humans?
00:59:00 Escaping dogma
01:01:22 Paul’s future goals and self care practices
01:11:00 Live caller #1: Tips on how to read and understand studies better
01:18:20 Live caller #2: Will HDL keep rising on an animal-based diet?
01:26:00 Live caller #3: What kinds of foods to give a 5 month old?
01:35:00 Upcoming documentary

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