215. Dairy: good or bad for humans?

dairy, diet, nutrition, wellness

On today’s episode, Paul talks about the importance of dairy in our diets, where to get our calcium, the problems with pasteurization, the differences between A1 versus A2 versus raw milk, and the benefits of not only raw dairy, but colostrum as well.

Time Stamps:

00:10:20 Ancestral consistency of dairy
00:16:35 Nutrients available in milk
00:27:30 The history of milk consumption
00:28:40 Lactase persistence
00:30:50 Should some people not consume milk?
00:32:10 Dairy, cardiovascular disease, cancer and obesity
00:42:00 The problems with plant-based milks
00:43:00 mTOR and IGF-1
00:44:44 Comparing the difference kinds of dairy (Raw vs. pasteurized)
00:54:00 Lactose intolerance
00:55:00 A1 vs. A2 milk
01:01:05 Balancing calcium and phosphorous 
01:03:40 Benefits of colostrum
01:13:40 Fermented dairy (kefir & yogurt)
01:14:35 Summary

Raw milk finder: https://www.realmilk.com/raw-milk-finder/

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