213. Healing acne with diet: going animal-based with Shannen Michaela

acne, diet, health, nutrition, wellness

In this week’s podcast, Paul sits down in person with Shannen Michaela, a well-known contortionist on social media who just happened to move to Costa Rica and is expecting her first child. Shannen shares her story from being a vegan in her teen years with acne and birth control struggles to now eating an animal-based diet to optimize fertility and overall health. They chat about the ethics of eating meat, why they think the government would be pushing an anti-meat agenda, and why they believe animal foods are optimal for all.

Time Stamps:

00:09:37 Podcast begins
00:11:37 Why do women fear meat?
00:17:42 Why would the government push the anti-meat agenda?
00:24:52 Shannen’s journey from veganism to animal-based
00:39:37 The importance of connecting with our food
00:45:37 Shannen’s current diet
00:48:07 Shannen’s experience with pregnancy
00:50:22 Foot archery
01:01:07 Shannen’s birth control story
01:11:07 What’s next for Shannen? Social media and parenting
01:20:47 Paul’s vegan journey

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