212. Skincare and sunscreen

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This week, Paul talks all about skin: how to take care of your skin, what you should and should not eat to have healthy, radiant skin, how to heal skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and acne. He shares why the sun itself is highly beneficial for our skin and overall health, and although the sun deftly is not harming you, your sunscreen may be.

Time Stamps:

00:08:25 Skin as a major membrane
00:10:00 Sunlight for skin health
00:17:40 Why does mainstream medicine say all sunlight is bad?
00:20:00 How much sun should we be getting?
00:23:55 Seed oils, sunburn and skincare
00:36:15 Psoralens & phototoxic injury
00:40:05 What sunscreens to use (and avoid)
00:44:00 Foods to eat for skin health
00:49:45 Healing your acne
00:53:10 Recap

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