209. Why PEANUT BUTTER is one of the worst foods with Dave Asprey

biohacking, peanut butter, food, nutrition

In this week’s episode, Paul chats with member of the biohacking space and author, Dave Asprey. They touch on phytic acid, oxalates and seed oils, they deep dive into fructose, they explain why peanut butter is one of the worst foods for humans, and they share their differing views on whether coffee is beneficial.

Time Stamps:

00:11:10 Can vegetables be low inflammation?
00:19:05 Thoughts on phytic acid
00:27:00 The problem with chronic cardio
00:35:15 Why peanut butter is not good for you
00:42:45 What is a superfood?
00:44:45 A friendly debate about coffee
00:48:30 A conversation about fructose
00:57:22 Migraines and micronutrients
01:01:12 Thoughts on seed oils

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