208. NFL player eats ANIMAL-BASED with Taylor Rapp from the LA Rams

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In this week’s podcast, Paul sits down with starting safety of the LA Rams, Taylor Rapp. Taylor shares how an animal-based diet has changed his performance, recovery, and outlook. They get into the importance of high-quality carbohydrate sources, eliminating seed oils, and how to spread the animal-based message in the professional sports world.

Time Stamps:

00:10:03 Taylor’s food journey and how it’s affected his playing
00:19:58 How do some athletes get away with eating junk food?
00:23:12 Team dietary recommendations
00:33:58 Taylor’s experience with animal-based vs. keto
00:39:58 Should we worry about a blood glucose spike? The benefits of carbs.
00:49:28 Taylor’s off-season training and diet
00:59:38 Thoughts on cheat meals
01:07:43 How can we spread the animal-based message?
01:14:18 How athletes treat injuries

Who and what drove Walter Kempner? The rice diet revisited: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/25001270/

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