207. Oxalates are ruining your health with Sally Norton

oxalates, food, health, wellness

In this episode, Paul talks to Sally K Norton about all things oxalates. They deep dive into why foods that we may think of as “healthy” should be avoided due to their defense chemicals, which foods have high versus low oxalates, and how to know if we are suffering from oxalate overload.

Time Stamps:

00:10:35 The problem with greens: beet greens, spinach and chard
00:16:05 What are oxalates/oxalic acid?
00:23:25 How much oxalic acid can humans handle?
00:30:55 Plant foods that are high in oxalates
00:45:40 Plant foods that are low in oxalates
00:52:25 The dangers of oxalates from veterinary literature
00:55:10 Issues that can occur from oxalate overload
01:02:35 Children and oxalates
01:06:05 How did knowledge about oxalates get lost?
01:14:35 Can we test for oxalate overload?
01:16:35 How to eliminate oxalates safely
01:21:45 Keto and oxalates and the importance of carbs and calcium

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