206. James DiNicolantonia: supplementation and nutrient deficiencies, eggs vs. bagels for weight loss, creatine and diet

creatine, diet, supplementation, nutrients

On this week’s podcast, Paul chats with pharmacist and author, James Nicholas Antonio. They cover carbs and creatine for post-exercise, their thoughts on fasting and keto, insulin resistance, magnesium, and hydration optimization. Tune in to hear how James believes you can optimize your health in addition to an animal-based diet.

Time Stamps:

00:07:30 Reviewing some of James’ popular tweets
00:13:40 How many carbs and how much protein should we eat?
00:20:00 The benefits of creatine
00:25:00 The benefits of carbs
00:28:55 Thoughts on fasting and keto
00:32:20 What can cause insulin resistance?
00:54:32 Why are so many people deficient in magnesium?
01:05:22 How can people optimize their hydration?

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