205. Secret diets across the world with Forrest Galante

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On this week’s podcast, Paul talks to wildlife biologist, Forrest Galante. They chat about Forrest’s adventures across the globe, and they dive into his experiences with indigenous cultures from an anthropological perspective.

Time Stamps:

00:11:30 Forrest’s upcoming expedition
00:19:40 Differing diets and lifestyles of cultures around the world (Pima Indians)
00:37:05 Forrest’s experience with the tribes in Papua New Guinea
00:49:10 Forrest’s upbringing in Zimbabwe
01:00:55 The problem with the anti-meat agenda
01:14:30 The history of the anti-meat pro polyunsaturated fat agenda
01:25:00 The intersection of conservationism and animal-based eating

Stream Forrest’s podcast, The Wild Times Podcast

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