Statins: Should you take one for “elevated” LDL?

On this week’s podcast Paul does a deep dive into Statins. He speaks on how they relate to “elevated” LDL and his opinion on who really needs to be taking Statins. He echoes the importance of spotting data manipulation, and digging deep into where the funding of certain studies comes from.On this week’s podcast, Paul does a deep dive on all things Glyphosate. He also touches on the dangers of  PFAS, more reasons not to eat kale (Thallium), and why Genistein, found in soy and bean products, may be harmful for male hormones.

Time Stamps:

00:10:45 Podcast begins

00:14:02 Should Paul be on statins? A look at his bloodwork.

00:16:05 Can statins counteract “unhealthy dietary choices?”

00:22:55 Do statins benefit people with LDL elevation?

00:28:25 Does “elevated LDL” cause atherosclerosis?

00:37:05 What are statins? What do they do?

00:41:54 The flaws of Western Medicine

00:45:55 Benefits of LDL

00:50:25 The history of statins

01:00:25 The ever-changing cholesterol guidelines and the problems with certain studies

01:08:55 Specific statin trials that minimized side effects

01:12:25 Legitimate side effects of statins

01:32:25 Where does this leave us with statins?

01:35:35 Risk reduction with statins

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