Do cows cause climate change?

In this episode, Paul exposes the lies behind cows being a driving factor of climate change. He breaks down why this concept is not true, and offers different perspectives about climate change at large.

Time Stamps:

00:09:28 Podcast begins

00:11:38 Thoughts on Glyphosate

00:13:13 TEDx talk with Paul Rulkens

00:16:43 Lack of nutrients for the world versus lack of calories

00:17:46 Assumption: Human caused CO2 emissions is contributing to climate change

00:19:28 Thoughts on methane and other greenhouse gasses

00:25:43 Carbon Dioxide cycle

00:35:58 Grain finished versus grass finished cattle

00:38:28 Conservation Reserve Program and the damage to land from mono-crop agriculture

00:43:28 Ruminants reducing the carbon footprint

00:44:38 Challenging your belief that CO2 is an important greenhouse gas


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