Dangers of a keto diet

On today’s podcast, Paul reviews his dietary journey, from vegan to paleo to carnivore, and now, animal-based. He does a deep dive on why he believes that adopting a ketogenic diet, long-term, can be dangerous and why he believes carbohydrates in the form of fruit and honey are essential.

Time Stamps:

00:09:32 Podcast Begins

00:10:00 Paul’s previous dietary journey

00:18:10 Pauls current animal-based diet

00:20:40 Benefits of a ketogenic diet

00:24:10 The best way to fix your appetite

00:30:40 Dangers of a ketogenic diet

00:33:25 How keto damages the kidney and why insulin is essential for electrolyte management 

00:38:45 How a ketogenic diet negatively affects sex hormone binding globulin

00:42:15 Negative effects of a ketogenic diet on T3 and hormone markers

00:51:10 The benefits of carbohydrates

00:56:45 Is a blood sugar spike really detrimental?

00:59:50 Fruit and honey are not the same as refined sugar


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