AMA: Randle cycle, Fruit and NAFLD, Contaminated Avocado oil/Olive oil, PFAs, Deer liver and Pregnancy

This week on the podcast, Paul answers listener questions about The Randle Cycle, eating optimally for pregnancy and breastfeeding, whether it’s safe to eat deer liver, his opinion on avocado and olive oil, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Time Stamps:

00:08:25 Podcast begins

8:35:00 Paul addresses a study claiming that a fruit rich diet worsens NAFLD

00:14:05 Can olive oil increase longevity? 

00:21:40 What about avocado oil?

00:27:35 Paul’s thoughts on intermittent fasting

00:33:33 Does animal-based eating apply to those who are metabolically unwell?

00:37:30 Why do the Hadza tribe have bad teeth?

00:39:05 Explaining the Randle cycle

00:46:45 Is deer liver safe for consumption? (How to avoid PFAS in our food)

00:57:30 Benefits of raw milk

01:04:45 What is the ideal diet/supplement stack for pregnancy and breastfeeding?

01:07:20 Introducing animal-based food to infants

01:09:20 How much fruit is too much fruit for humans?


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