Am I on TRT? August 2022 bloodwork update

Paul shares the results from his August Bloodwork panel from Marek Health. He does a deep dive into Testosterone, Immunoglobulin, Boron, Genistein, Isoflavonoids and touches on TMAO, Uric acid, and GGT.

Time Stamps:

00:09:43 Podcast begins

00:12:08 Paul’s lipid panel 

00:14:48 Is elevated LDL a risk factor for heart disease?

00:24:08 Paul’s Plasma, Ammonia results

00:25:28 Paul’s Anemia profile

00:32:08 Paul’s Blood Count profile

00:34:08 Paul’s Thyroid panel

00:36:53 Comprehensive metabolic panel

00:38:13 Paul’s Urinalysis

00:40:13 Paul’s hormones

00:42:53 Insulin sensitivity 

00:47:30 Boron

00:59:58 How to optimize your testosterone and increase androgen receptors

01:03:18 The detriments of consuming soy

01:05:43 Paul’s thoughts on TMAO

01:09:40 Paul reviews the remainder of his bloodwork


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